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Strings Of Fire!! Máiréad Nesbitt and Cora Smith Shine!!

This is a real treat for the Irish music lovers.  Máiréad Nesbitt and Cora Smith play Strings of Fire from the Lord of the Dance show.  Enjoy!! Source:  Lucas Cunha on YouTube TheIrishInAllOfUs.com Greetings from IrishOak and Kass!

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Michael Flatley Is Retiring, But This Performance With The Young Men From His Latest Show Will Floor You!!

Michael Flatley has brought Irish dancing to masses with his “Riverdance” shows over the years. He dances like no other we have seen before and continues at the age of 57. He is currently performing his final show called “Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games” on Broadway. He brought a few of the dancers with […]

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Ladies A Must Watch Performance By Michael Flatley and Dancers From Dangerous Games!

Michael Flatley is going to retire from the Lord of the Dance shows and is completing a final world tour. Click on the show logo to visit the site and see the schedule of show dates. He is a committed, hard working dancer who says that the years of hard dancing and performing has taken […]

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