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When You Are 88 Years Old And Irish, You Love All Kinds Of Music!

Here is an 88 year old Irish Granny dancing to the world wide hit song “Despacito”.  I hope that I can still move like that if I am lucky enough to live that long!!  Enjoy! Source : All in 1 for You on YouTube TheIrishInAllOfUs.com Greetings from IrishOak and Kass!

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Knick-knacking Granny Will Bring Back The Memories!

When we were younger we would Ring and Run on our neighbors door. We meant no harm, but thought we were funny. Watch this video and you will bring back the same smiles! Once my sons and I went to throw toilet paper on our friend’s house on Mischief Night(the only time I let my […]

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Belfast Granny Reacts To Fifty Shades of Grey!

Most of us can’t imagine discussing the topics from the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” with our grandmothers.  However, the thought of it does bring a smile to our face.  This Irish granny has a priceless reaction to her grand-daughter’s questions.  A word of caution, there may be a word or two that makes you […]

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