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Some Irish Films and TV Shows You Can Watch On Netflix!

Netflix is a great place to view films from different locations around the world, and Ireland is no exception. Here is a list of few films and TV series available now. The Quiet Man (1952) A Classic The Secret of the Kells (2009) An animated, oscar nominated film The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006)  […]

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Interested In Learning The Irish Language For Free? Check Out This App!

 An app called duolingo will enable you to learn a second language for free. The app can be downloaded for free on iphones, ipads, and android devices. It just celebrated a million users,  just learning Irish!! It is a difficult language for me as I research for the blog, I rarely understand any of the […]

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On National Coffee Day, How About A Little History Of The “Irish Coffee”!

The story is told that the first “Irish Coffee” was served by a man named Joseph Sheridan at the Foynes Airbase terminal restaurant.  Passengers had returned from a wet, cold flight and he decided to serve up something that would warm them up.  The Irish coffee was born.  Joe continued working in airports and there […]

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Take 5 Minutes To Watch This Short Film: 50 People One Question, “When Are You Most Irish?” You Will Want To Share!!

I stumbled upon this video, and I just fell in love with it. You will be smiling the whole time. The characters that are featured are great, and the film maker edited the film beautifully. Just another reason to go visit!  Source: Kamilfilms on YouTube Don’t forget to spread the word! Click on the logo […]

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An Irish Pub Joke That Will Have You Laughing!

When I found this joke, I thought it was so funny that I attempted to repeat it to my friends and family. I am not the best joke teller, but this one was a hit. I paraphrased and twisted it a little but the punchline always brought a chuckle!! One of my relatives said it […]

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