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Alan Kenefick and Nicola Byrne In A Riverdance Favorite From 2009!

Irish dancing never gets old, and you can enjoy this dance with Alan Kenefick and Nicola Byrne featuring a drum line.  Enjoy! Source:  fritz51286 on YouTube TheIrishInAllOfUs.com Greetings from IrishOak and Kass!

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A Short Video Of Alan Kenefick As ProdiJIG Gets Ready To Perform At The Cork Opera House!

ProdiJIG is preparing for performances at the Cork Opera House next month.  A few teaser videos have already been released and a third one will be out soon.  Here is a short video shot by Becky Newenham on YouTube showing behind the scenes footage of what takes place to get the perfect shots.  Enjoy!! Source:  […]

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I Wish I Could Dance Like This While Doing Laundry!

I know what you are thinking!  Who dances and records it while you are doing your laundry?  If you are Alan Kenefick you do, and better yet I will watch it!!  This little tidbit just goes to show his love for the dancing that he is so talented at.  Watch tomorrow for another video of […]

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