Happy Earth Day! Did You Know Ireland Is Doing Its Part?

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      As I was watching a movie called “Bag It” about the dangers of plastics, especially the lightweight, plastic shopping bags that we use almost everywhere.  I discovered that Ireland instituted a levy on those plastic bags way back in 2002. They charged a tax of 15 cents per bag.  The collected funds were sent back to the Environmental Fund. In 2007, the levy was raised to 22 cents per bag. The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government has significantly reduced the per capita bag usage from this levy. “It had an immediate effect on consumer behavior with a decrease in plastic bag usage from an estimated 328 bags per capita to 21 bags per capita.  This has fallen further to an estimated 14 bags per capita in 2014.”  We should all take notes and follow this great idea before it is too late!  I have many reusable bags in my car so I do not forget to bring them in.  Happy Earth Day!

Source: Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government


Greetings from IrishOak and Kass!

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