Must Watch, Beautiful Irish Song “Grace” By Caoimhe Mooney!

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The version of “Grace” you are about to hear and see will bring chills. Caoimhe Mooney, 11 years old,  sings the beautiful Irish song “Grace”. It tells the story of Grace Gifford and Joseph Plunkett and their brief marriage during the 1916 Rising in Ireland. Caoimhe attends the Evolution Stage School in Longford.

Source:  EvolutionStageSchool Ireland on YouTube

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2 Responses to “Must Watch, Beautiful Irish Song “Grace” By Caoimhe Mooney!”

  1. That song touched my soul. I’ve embraced my Irish heritage and trying to learn as much as possible about Ireland. My Grandfather Briley said his great grandparents migrated from Ireland to America many years ago. Now that I’m a great grandparent I want to learn what I can to pass on to my family. I dream about visiting Ireland but my situation only allows it to be a dream.

  2. This brought tears to me today,and I thank the dear young lady for singing in her lovely voice and way. I cannot fathom how Grace bore this.Go Ireland, dear country.

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