Knick-knacking Granny Will Bring Back The Memories!

When we were younger we would Ring and Run on our neighbors door.
We meant no harm, but thought we were funny.
Watch this video and you will bring back the same smiles!
Once my sons and I went to throw toilet paper on our friend’s house on Mischief Night(the only time I let my sons out was with me).  We laughed so hard we could barely throw the paper.  We just did enough for a friend’s to laugh when they saw it.  I don’t recommend knick-knacking now, but this is fun to watch.  Mark Smyth took his mother to visit her old Dublin neighborhood and decided to have a little fun!
He video recorded as I would have with no intent to share, but it turned out too good not to!!   Enjoy!

Source Mark Smyth on YouTube

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