Irish New Year Traditions, A Happy 2016 To You!!

The first day of the new year was welcomed with a few traditions!
In the past no water was to be brought in or thrown out after sunset on the last day of the year.
It would bring bad luck to do so.  Many people were opening the front door at midnight to welcome in the new year.
Guests would enter the front and exit by the back door if there was one.
The first visitor on the new year’s day was thought to bring luck, bad if it was a red headed female knocking at the door.
Also, it was customary not to give anything away on the first because it would bring bad luck through the year
with things going out and not coming back in!
My favorite is the opening of the door at midnight to welcome in the new year!
Here is a Irish blessing for you in 2016!

May your Troubles be less,

May your Blessings be more,

And nothing but Happiness come through your door!


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