International Irish Heritage Day: October 17th!! Get Ready To Celebrate! Pass The Word!

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This is the map of our visitors to for the month of July 2015.  There are over 100 countries represented, and we are overwhelmed by the immensity of the Irish reach around the world.  IrishKass had a crazy idea, why not create an international holiday for the Irish all over the world, not just the Irish Americans.  If we start sharing now, by October 17th we will all be ready to celebrate around the world.  Why October 17th?  It is almost half way from St. Patrick’s Day, so we can spread our Irish celebrations evenly over the year!


Here are some suggestions of how you can celebrate!!

Visit your local Irish pub.
Organize a local pub crawl.
Eat Irish food.
Listen to Irish music, even better if it is live.
Put together a run or walk to raise money for a good cause.
Collect and share some Irish jokes (check out our have a laugh category).
Watch “The Quiet Man”.
Visit Ireland.
Read an Irish novel.
Watch the Riverdance show on YouTube.
Put on a parade.
Wear some green.
Dance a céilie.
Google International Irish Heritage Day.
Learn some Irish words or phrases.
Have a party.
Listen to a bagpipe band.
Send photos of your celebration to

We will be happy to add to the list,
share your suggestions for celebrating
in the comments section!

We are counting on our followers around the world to help pass the word about this new holiday.

 Pass It On!!!


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