No Irish Need Apply! Looking For Evidence These Signs Existed!

NO IrishRebecca Fried, a soon to be high schooler in Washington, DC who became interested in the NINA signs that most of us had heard of, if not ever actually seen one.   She wrote an article entitled “No Irish Need Deny: Evidence for the Historicity of NINA Restrictions in Advertisements and Signs,” and was published in the Oxford Journal of Social History. It started when her father gave her an article by Professor Richard Jensen of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign made in a 2002 article in the same journal, that “No Irish Need Apply” signs rarely existed and were largely an invention of the Irish American historic imagination.  She set out to prove him wrong.  Irish Central is now looking for any evidence that may be out there to help prove the existence of the NINA signs.  Click on the link below for more information or if you are aware of any evidence that exists about the signs let Irish Central know!!


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2 Responses to “No Irish Need Apply! Looking For Evidence These Signs Existed!”

  1. I remember my parents telling me about these signs from when they were living in London in the 80’s, they said they were in a number of shops around London at the time.

  2. Apparently these signs are in poland . and surrounding countrie saying no irish need apply. Dont know if this is true ,only what people are telling me.

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