Visiting Ireland This Summer? Ten Things NOT To Do While There!

Most of the people with Irish heritage would like to visit Ireland some day.  Irish Central has the ten things that you do not want to do while visiting.  


1. Talk about leprechauns and little people.
2. Ask for corned beef and cabbage.
3.  Sing “Danny Boy” at closing time.
4.  Ask for complicated directions.
5.  Get into arguments about American politics.
6. Limit your travels to Killarney and “Quiet Man” trail.
7. Describe yourself as 100 percent Irish.
8.  If you’re out for a drink, never order a “car bomb” or a “black & tan”.
9.  Put on a phony Irish accent.
10.  Tell them the only Irish movie you have seen is “The Quiet Man”.

I am always willing to take advice, however I did not see my self doing any of these things on my dream trip to Ireland.  Let’s hope you won’t either!

Source:  Irish Central

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