Guinness Commercial: Empty Chair, An Absolute Must Watch!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 5.14.59 PM

As we just finish celebrating our independence
and the freedoms that we enjoy,
watch this commercial
and you will be reminded of why we have them!
The Irish In All Of Us lift a glass to all
who are serving or have served so we can continue to be free.  

Thank You!!

Source: YouTube by Guinness

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3 Responses to “Guinness Commercial: Empty Chair, An Absolute Must Watch!!!!!!”

  1. The most worth while Guinness advert yet. Coming from a family of grand parents and great grand parents who served in WWII & The Great War, we were raised to understand that out freedom was hard fought and won by the sacrifice of so many.
    I would dearly like to see out serving men and women given the respect and gratitude the surely deserve.
    Nice one Guinness.

  2. Guinness keep coming up with such amazing adverts, well done, simply the best

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