Celebrate Independence With An Irish- American Twist!


Last St. Patrick’s Day I was looking at the beer choices to celebrate and noticed a new one:  Guinness Blonde.   I decided to pick up a few and found that they were really good.  I prefer lagers over stouts, but will have a Guinness at the local Irish pubs if it is on tap.  I noticed that the beer was brewed in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and knew that was the old home of Rolling Rock.  My curiosity started going, how did Guinness end up in Latrobe?  Well,  it all starts with the yeast from the St. James Brewery in Dublin.  

guinness gate

Guinness brought it over to Pennsylvania to use it in the new lager.  They searched and found brewmaster Joe Grass. Together with American hops, malt,  and the famous yeast, they created a true Irish American beer.  Since the 4th of July is probably the biggest picnic day, a cooler full of iced Guinness Blonde sounds like a great way to celebrate our independence.  Enjoy!  If you are interested in more detailed information on Guinness Blonde’s creation, click the link below.

Source: thrillist.com


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