A Couple Of Jokes at County Kerry’s Expense

I feel that I owe the people of Kerry an apology, so sorry but these jokes were too good to not share!!

A fellow walked into a bar in Dublin and asked the barman if he had heard the latest Kerryman joke,
“I’m warning you,” said the barman, “I’m a Kerryman myself.”
“That’s allright,” said the fellow, “I’ll tell it slowly.”


A Kerryman attended a concert where a ventriloquist who fancied himself as a comedian told about twenty Kerryman jokes in a row.

“Look,” shouted the Kerryman, standing up in the audience, “I’m fed up being insulted by all these jokes. We’re not as stupid as you make out.”

“Please sit down sir & be calm,” said the ventriloquist, “after all it’s only a joke, and don’t tell me that Kerrymen haven’t got a sense of humor.”

“I’m not talking to you,” said the Kerryman, “I’m talking to the little fellow on your knee…”

Source: abitoblarney.com


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