Irish Easter Traditions As We Get Ready To Celebrate!

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Easter is the celebration of new life and many Irish traditions had life as its theme.

  • Good Friday was the culmination of the Lenten season which was marked by fasting and sacrifice.

  • A good spring cleaning was always done to get ready for the Easter blessing and prepare for a new beginning.

  • Any chicks hatched that day were thought to be healthy, and eggs laid that day were saved for Easter day celebrations.

  • It was thought that if you had a haircut on Good Friday it would ward off headaches through the year.

  • The Easter celebration started with sunrise and a hearty breakfast with lots of eggs.

  • Some type of meat was always the entree after fasting through lent.

  • After dinner there was a dance where the best dancer was awarded a cake prepared especially for the day.  Could have been the birth of the phrase, “You take the cake.”

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