The Cup Song In Irish/Gaelic! A Must Watch!

     When the movie “Pitch Perfect” was released the “Cup Song” took off and became a hit.  In Ireland a school group performs the song in Irish.  Enjoy the video and maybe we should try to learn some Irish, too.

Source: BoxArabia on YouTube

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10 Responses to “The Cup Song In Irish/Gaelic! A Must Watch!”

  1. This is so well done everyone can be so proud of themselves. Brilliant performance and so enjoyable to watch. WELL DONE

  2. Fabulous

  3. The ‘Cup Song’ brought tears to my eyes — tears of pure joy. I’m 3rd generation Canadian but Irish in blood and soul. I’ve never heard the Gaelic language before and to hear it sung so fluently moved me beyond belief. Thank you soooooo much.

    Jackie Fox

    (Fox is not our Irish name. It is the name the British assigned to my Grandfather when he arrived here in Canada.)

  4. Delightful group of young people singing and performing. It makes this Irish American wish I could speak and understand our language. Good job kids.

  5. beautiful music

  6. How wonderful. I think these kinds of activities are what the world needs. Young people working together to create a beautiful and happy event. Thank you all

  7. That was amazing well done I am glad to see children at schools playing apart of history.
    More schools should learn from this

  8. Only the Irish have such talent to try a cup song Just great thank you all

  9. Go raibh maitih agat!

  10. Brilliant!

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